Movable Anything at Dan Cameron 2.0

This is my first “from-scratch” plugin I’ve released so play nice.

I originally started using movable contact forms with my blog yesterday when I released Dan Cameron 2.0. I was going to keep it for my self because what is the point to hard work if you can’t wave it around and gloat? Well I wised up and got off my ass and looked at code here and there and I found out how to get it to work as a “kick ass” plugin.

Movable Anything does just that. It makes anything that you specify movable, it creates a separate window of sorts so you can click and drag it all around the page. Originally made for comment forms I thought why not use it for anything. But for comment forms I absolutely needed something like this because I love going back to previous comments and comment on them. This just makes life so much easier and works in all major browsers, for all I know, and is by far a better solution compared to fixed comment forms in sidebars, something I used to have. Don’t get off track here because you could use it for anything.

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