Reise um die Welt

George Forster’s A Voyage round the World presents a wealth of geographic, scientific, and ethnographic knowledge uncovered by Cook’s second journey of exploration in the Pacific (1772-1775). Accompanying his father on the voyage, ship’s naturalist Johann Reinhold Forster, George proved a knowledgeable and adept observer. The lively, elegant prose and critical detail of his account, based loosely on his father’s journal, make it one of the finest works of eighteenth-century travel literature and an account of prime importance in the history of European contact with Pacific peoples.

  • The original English version of this work has long been neglected by anglophone scholars. This new scholarly edition makes this important book readily available for the first time since its initial publication more than two centuries ago.
  • Hardcover, Die Andere Bibliothek: Sonderband, 645 pages
  • Published 2007 by Eichborn (first published November 1st 1780)
  • ISBN 3821862033 (ISBN13: 9783821862033)

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