Abject Learning: Small pieces more loosely joined… musings from the fog

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I suppose it’s a form of pathetic fallacy to link the five days of fog we in Vancouver are experiencing with the hazy state of my cognition lately.

One of the things I’ve been batting around in my so-called mind is a framework for ripping, mixing and feeding collections of weblogs and resources for courses… This fall we launched a set of weblog-based courses linked up with aggRSSive. So far, based on the feedback we’ve gotten, I’d say these were successful efforts. We do break most of Farmer’s dictums, but that doesn’t bug me much.

Rules are made to be broken, especially with this kind of stuff. None of the instructors had any familiarity with weblogs before we launched, and each had a set of requirements (privacy, etc…) that led to fairly tight integration of our networks. In a sense these are hybrids between weblogs and traditional course management — which is something of a cop-out, but I’m a believer in going where the users are, and for better or for worse these projects reflect that.

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